2023 in Blog Posts: Favorite Articles, Compelling Leadership Stories, and Equity-Focused Organizations

We’re excited to share a look at our year by looking at the top 5 articles our subscribers loved the most. 

1. Time Kills Deals: Reasons Why You Need to Run a Timely Search 

Principal Serena Moy encourages organizations to stay on top of their hiring process by making sure to maintain a timely search.

2. The Best Candidate isn’t a Unicorn

Principal Serena Moy tackles one of the most common challenges we see organizations inflicting upon themselves during the hiring process.

3. Talent Equity: Aligning Talent Practices and Core Values

In her white paper, Sr. Talent Equity Consultant Marissa McNeil explores how embracing diversity offers organizations a strategic edge with tangible benefits for profits and communities. Beyond diverse hiring, DEI fosters an inclusive environment where individuals from all backgrounds not only participate but thrive.

4. Rethinking Cover Letters: Potential Biases and Alternatives

Client Services Special Project Manager Miranda Cortez talks cover letters and how to engage with equity regardless of whether or not a candidate submits one.

5. The Perils of Perpetual Urgency: Nurturing Balance in the Workplace

Learn how to create balance in the workplace by using strategies to mitigate constant urgency’s negative impacts on employee well-being and organizational health.

Client Spotlights

While these stories were also well-read this year, we can’t rank them. We are so grateful to share these stories of leadership and impact with our audience, and if you missed one, make sure to add it to your reading list.

Oakland Zoo Partners with Edgility Consulting to Find Inaugural VP Role

The Oakland Zoo, a Bay-area institution recently partnered with Edgility Consulting’s Corina Hopson and Serena Moy to find their inaugural VP of Learning and Engagement.


Sandy Hook Promise Partners with Edgility to Source Two Strong Leaders   

Edgility Principal Hadley Kornacki and Sr. Recruitment Consultant Mara Cooper are proud to share the process of finding two exceptional leaders to join the Sandy Hook Promise team.


CEO Succession Spotlight: The Hiring Process of Mastery Schools’ CEO, Dr. Joel D. Boyd

We’re shining a spotlight on our partnership with Mastery Schools, and their visionary new CEO, Dr. Joel D. Boyd.

Empowering Change: Dr. Curtis Palmore’s Appointment as Executive Director at New Visions Charter High Schools

Edgility Principal Hadley Kornacki and Sr. Recruitment Consultant Mara Cooper celebrate the placement of visionary leader Dr. Curtis Palmore.


Mujeres Latinas en Acción Makes Strides in Addressing Latina Pay Equity   

Latinas face a large pay gap, but the team at Mujeres Latinas en Acción was determined to provide pay equity for their team.

Achieving Equity: Enroot Education’s Compensation Evolution

Enroot Education tackled compensation equity with Edgility’s support. Learn how they are living their commitment to DEIB by adjusting their structures.

That’s a Wrap!

We had an amazing year, and we loved seeing what our clients and followers were reading. Stay tuned, because we are already so excited to share even more stories, advice, and toolkits next year! Make sure you don’t miss out on our newsletters, sign up for our email list here.


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