Empowering Change: Dr. Curtis Palmore’s Appointment as Executive Director at New Visions Charter High Schools

In the bustling landscape of New York City, an exceptional leader has emerged to steer the transformative journey of New Visions Charter High Schools (NVCHS). We are honored to highlight the recent placement of Curtis Palmore. Curtis joined the New Visions team with an impressive track record in the education sector and now holds the pivotal position of Executive Director. His mission: to redefine the trajectory of the seven New Visions Charter High Schools 

Earlier this year, the two Boards that oversee the seven New Visions Charter High Schools across Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, partnered with the Edgility team, Director Hadley Kornacki, and Senior Consultants Mara Cooper and Zachary Harr, to find a leader who would not only lead the community into a new era but be able to embrace the challenges ahead gracefully. The leadership criteria outlined by the boards was clear. They needed a trailblazer capable of orchestrating substantial change with the support of both the team and the board. 

An Engaging Process, A Clear Choice

The Edgility recruitment team, Hadley, Mara, and Zach embarked on a journey to find a leader who not only met the criteria that had been decided on through conversations with the NVCHS Boards but also demonstrated a commitment to values crucial for the organization. Edgility has a wide network of exemplary candidates, but finding the right person for such a high-level position isn’t just about qualifications. Candidates who have the leadership skills, the passion, and the experience aren’t always ready to make the jump into a new role, so timing is incredibly important. As Edgility launched the search and orchestrated conversations across our network, the team was able to attract some amazing candidates. Ultimately,  it was Curtis Palmore who stood out for his experience in creating inclusive environments and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. It became clear that his blend of experience, education, and innate leadership skills were what the organization needed to create a dynamic future.

As the new Executive Director, he assumes the responsibility of defining organizational structures, systems, vision, and strategy for the network of 7 charter high schools – all of whom would need support and guidance. This unique challenge demanded a leader comfortable with ambiguity. Palmore’s proven experience leading schools in such roles as Chief Executive Officer, Principal, and Head of School, made him the perfect fit.

Palmore’s personal connection to the South Bronx, where two of the New Visions schools are located, adds a profound dimension to his role. Palmore grew up in the same neighborhood as one of the high schools, which enables him to bring a firsthand understanding of the challenges faced by students attending NVCHS.  His drive to be an education leader stems from these experiences, creating a deeply rooted commitment to serving under-resourced communities.

A Bright Future Ahead

Curtis Palmore’s placement as the Executive Director at New Visions Charter High Schools is not just a strategic move for the organization; it’s a commitment to fostering positive change. His unique blend of experience, values, and personal connection to the community positions him well as their next leader. Hadley and Mara’s experience in leading searches of this magnitude ultimately provided the NVCHS team with someone they could trust to lead their charter network into a future defined by inclusivity, innovation, and academic excellence. We look forward to seeing the NVCHS network flourish under his leadership.

A Partner in the Process

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Hadley Kornacki

Director of Client Services Operations

“I was privileged to attend some exceptional schools as a child. . . .This experience, led me to a career dedicated to providing equitable and engaging educational choices for all students, families and communities.

Mara Cooper

Senior Search Consultant

“…I have learned that there is nothing more important than forging relationships with people and organizations that are mission-driven and equity focused.”

Zachary Harr 

Senior Consultant, Sourcing Operations

“I believe in the power of working with mission-driven organizations that are urgent about creating equitable and sustainable talent systems when recruiting. At Edgility, that belief is a reality each and every day.”

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