Bridging Innovation and Equity in Healthcare: Insights from HIMSS 2024 and ViVE 2024 Conferences

By Tammy Jackson

It’s been a busy few weeks in healthcare, with two major conferences on healthcare technology and innovation, HIMSS and ViVE 2024. The Edgility team’s attendance at both events was driven by a shared commitment to understand how cutting-edge technology can be harnessed to advance healthcare delivery while championing equity in the healthcare ecosystem.

To ensure optimal service for our clients, we are dedicated to staying abreast of technology trends that digital health leaders are focused on to deliver the best patient care in 2024 and beyond. Therefore, we found it essential to pack our suitcases and head to Los Angeles and later Orlando to gain perspective on what’s top of mind.

Here Are Some of Our Key Takeaways

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare technology, the intersection of innovation and equity plays a pivotal role in driving advancements in healthcare delivery and patient care. Having recently attended both the HIMSS and ViVE 2024 conferences, we observed that the comprehensive agendas of both events underscored the importance of integrating cutting-edge technology with a focus on inclusivity and accessibility.

Transforming Healthcare Delivery

At both conferences, a central theme emerged – leveraging technology to transform healthcare delivery and enhance patient outcomes. Sessions highlighting AI applications in healthcare, discussions on interoperability standards, data analytics for population health management, mobile health solutions for remote patient monitoring, cybersecurity best practices, and the integration of new digital tools. Despite the ongoing challenges of healthcare, such as funding constraints, workforce shortages, and evolving patient expectations, the imperative for healthcare transformation remains centered on advancing care delivery. Amidst these challenges, the industry is united in its pursuit of innovative solutions to improve patient outcomes and drive the future of healthcare. Notably, the Change Healthcare cybersecurity breach took center stage in conference discussions, underscoring the critical importance of robust cybersecurity measures to ensure operational continuity.

Emphasis on Health Equity

What truly stood out at these conferences was the emphasis on health equity and improving access to care for all. The agendas were rich with content addressing critical issues such as bridging healthcare disparities through technology, promoting diversity and inclusion in healthcare IT, implementing strategies to address social determinants of health, and designing patient-centric digital solutions that prioritize accessibility and equity for underserved populations. Furthermore, the networking opportunities at both conferences provided a platform for attendees to collaborate, share insights, and forge partnerships aimed at collectively driving progress in addressing health equity. 

Innovation and Equity in Healthcare

In conclusion, the HIMSS 2024 and ViVE 2024 conferences exemplified how the convergence of innovation and equity can serve as a catalyst for transformative change in healthcare. By addressing key topics in healthcare IT while emphasizing the importance of health equity and improved access to care, these events showcased a shared commitment to driving initiatives that not only benefit individual patients but also uplift communities as a whole. The integration of innovation with a focus on equity not only propels the healthcare ecosystem forward but also lays the foundation for a more inclusive and accessible healthcare landscape for all.

Is Your Leadership Team Balancing Innovation and Equity? 

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