Compensation Philosophy Worksheet

The default approach to compensating talent isn’t equitable, so we can’t use the old rules and systems and expect different results. Edgility empowers social impact organizations like yours to reimagine the process, beginning by wrestling with the big questions to ensure decisions are grounded in your values. 

Use this worksheet to:

  • decide where you would like to fall in 6 compensation choice spectrums
  • identify opportunities, challenges, questions and ideas for your compensation philosophy
  • translate your philosophy into policy

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Put your values to work. Act on equity.

We believe equity isn’t a box to check. It’s a daily action. Someone’s unique identity isn’t something to overcome–when paired with the right opportunity, it becomes one of their greatest professional assets. We exist to empower social impact organizations to recognize and overcome unconscious bias, racism and sexism so they can build a workforce that reflects and strengthens the communities they serve.