Celebrating Black History Month: 5 Black Leaders to Follow

In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of Black-owned businesses and content creators who are making a name for themselves in various industries. These individuals are talented, creative, and have a unique perspective on the world. Here are five Black business content creators that you should be following:

Maya Elious (@mayaelious)

  • Maya Elious is a business coach and content creator who focuses on helping entrepreneurs create online courses, digital products, and other profitable digital products. With her experience in the industry, Maya has helped many entrepreneurs grow their businesses and reach their goals. Her social media channels are filled with helpful tips and advice on building a successful online business.

Bola Sokunbi (@clevergirlfinance)

  • Bola Sokunbi is a financial educator and content creator who has made it her mission to help women gain financial independence. Through her business, Clever Girl Finance, Bola offers a range of resources, including courses, workshops, and coaching, to help women take control of their finances. Her social media channels are packed with helpful tips and insights on money management.

Rachel Elizabeth Cargle (@rachel.cargle)

  • Rachel Cargle is a writer, entrepreneur, and founder of The Loveland Foundation. Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Rachel lectures on the intersection of race and womanhood, and in 2018 founded The Loveland Foundation which offers free therapy to Black women and girls around the United States. Her umbrella company, The Loveland Group focuses on her social ventures, which includes the wildly popular program and online learning community, The Great Unlearn.

Patrice Washington (@seekwisdompcw)

  • Patrice Washington is a financial educator, author, and content creator who is passionate about helping people take control of their finances. Through her website and social media channels, Patrice shares valuable insights and resources on personal finance, entrepreneurship, and living a life of purpose. Her mission is to empower people to live their best lives, both personally and financially.

Matthew A. Cherry (@matthewacherry)

  • Matthew A. Cherry is a filmmaker, author, and entrepreneur who has made it his mission to tell stories that reflect the Black experience. Through his work, Matthew has become a leading voice in the film industry, shining a light on issues that are often overlooked. His social media channels are filled with behind-the-scenes glimpses of his work, as well as insights into the creative process and the business of filmmaking.

These five Black business leaders and content creators are just a few examples of the many talented Black individuals who are making their mark in various industries. By following them and supporting their work, we can help amplify their voices and create more opportunities for diversity and inclusion in the business world.


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