Envision Education Welcomes Equity Focused Leader as CEO

Jillian Juman
Chief Executive Officer, Envision Education

Envision Education partners with Edgility to find new CEO

When Envision Education needed a new CEO aligned with their pro-Black, anti-racist framework, they were certain the team at Edgility Consulting could help them find the right person, given Edgility’s long-standing work in placing strong, passionate, equity-focused leaders.

Searching for an equity-focused successor 

Envision Education was founded to transform students’ lives, particularly those who aim to be the first in their families to attend college. The organization’s Bay Area schools are characterized by strong teacher-student relationships, engaging, project-based learning curriculums, and vibrant environments that encourage college and career readiness. Envision’s current CEO was planning a transition out of the organization, and they needed a dedicated successor committed to their pro-Black, anti-racist framework.

An empathetic leader with a personal connection 

When talking about what drives her, Jillian shared, “I think a lot about what it means to be a black woman, an educator, a leader, a good sister and daughter. I think about what experiences our young people and families deserve to ensure that they are both seen and heard. I think about what it means to be a disrupter of cultural norms and practices that have historically oppressed groups of people who have not experienced being deeply understood and cared for.” Her innate understanding of the challenges that many young people face has ignited her passion for helping students experiencing challenges in reaching their higher education goals. Her passion enables her to support the next generation by guiding them as they learn to carve out their own pathways.

As a leader and educator, Juman has continued to build on her experience and expertise in this field over the past 21 years by becoming the Managing Instructional Superintendent of Strategy at Alliance College-Ready Public Schools and later, the Founding Head of School for the SEED School of Los Angeles County. In her new role as CEO, Juman will build upon Envision’s framework while bringing her unique lens to help continue to transform the educational experience of students. 

You can follow Jillian’s work on LinkedIn or listen to her on This American Life, Episode 712: Nice White Parents”.



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