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Convene with other leaders. Commit to diversity, equity & inclusion.

Edgility’s Walk the Talk is a yearlong leadership cohort beginning with a convening in Fall 2023 to deepen leaders’ understanding, skillset and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion lead by Edgility Associate Partner, Travonnie Mackey. Edgility has helped hundreds of clients walk the talk, turning buzz words on websites into felt experiences, and we’d like to offer C-Suite leaders in the non-profit sector a chance to dig deeper into DEI values and find practical ways to apply them to their organizations. We will facilitate rigorous discourse over the course of a year to challenge the status quo, and together, we will create an intensive equity driven space for leaders.


Registration for the 2023 Walk the Talk Cohort is now closed, but Edgility’s commitment to helping nonprofit and education sector leaders deepen their understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion remains unwavering. Edgility continues to offer leadership coaching services, providing practical guidance to turn DEI values into tangible, impactful change within your organization.

What’s included:

Each organization will receive a unique link to administer Edgility's staff survey and a detailed report of their attrition and retention factors when the survey is complete.

4 Day In Person Convening

Held at Hyatt House in Downtown Nashville on October 2-5, 2023, your package includes lodging, meals, activities, and course facilitation by Edgility compensation, talent management and recruitment experts.

After the convening, participants will receive five 60 minute individual executive coaching sessions around the themes that emerged in their talent equity assessment and their learnings since the convening. Participants will receive support from Travonnie Mackey identifying emerging priorities for their organizational equity journey.

3 Virtual Cohort Roundtables

Post convening, participants will join their peers three times throughout the following year to discuss progress and receive thought partnership on the roadblocks that surface while implementing their action plans.

Series of E-Books

Participants will receive a series of workbooks and templates authored by Travonnie Mackey to guide your journey to equitable goal setting, performance management, compensation and career pathways.

Your 4 Day Convening Schedule



What are you bringing with you when you step in a room/zoom? How does your identity influence this work?



Why don’t you have it and how can you get more of it in senior leadership? Participants will dive deep into equitable hiring practices and strategic talent development tools.



How do you provide meaningful transparency and inspire trust in your team’s decision making abilities? How do you create a culture where people feel heard? Participants will discuss engagement tactics that promote voice equity and sense of belonging.



To what extent do your current systems produce disproportionate outcomes for talent? How do you shift it? Participants talk through equitable compensation, performance and promotion policies. 

Since working with Edgility, we've had so many candidates say things like, "this is the best hiring process I've ever participated in" or "even if I don't get this role, I want to thank you for setting the standard I'll judge all other interview experiences by." Particularly in a talent market like the one we're experiencing, that kind of reputation is invaluable. None of this would have been possible without the ways Edgility helped us get present to employee experience, clarify our values and processes, and center equity.
RuthAnn Moss
Executive Director, Birmingham Talks
Through our work together, Travonnie created a safe space where I could be vulnerable, self-reflective, and honest to truly interrogate where our organization’s systems and my own leadership capacity were living up to these aspirations - and where there was work to be done to live out this commitment to equity in my/our daily actions. This was possible thanks to the unique combination of Edgility’s tools and Travonnie’s expertise as a coach and facilitator. I am thrilled to think that other leaders will get to share in this transformational experience.
Seth Miran
Chief Operating Officer, Blue Engine
Every challenge or choice point we brought forward received a thoughtful and knowledgeable response, healthy pushback when necessary, and a conversation about how to best apply an equity lens to our decision-making. At the end of our compensation philosophy project, we had all the materials and information we needed to rollout our new policy to staff, plus we had received essential coaching along the way that ultimately helped us navigate any difficult conversations or situations that arose.
Kira Doar & Heather Moran
Director of Community Impact and Organizational Culture & Executive Director, Sixth & I
We felt so supported as we made big and small changes. The team was kind, yet firm, encouraging and affirming--helping us to both see where we were shining, but also where there was room for improvement. This was all done without judgment and with such warmth and clarity. The main reason we would recommend Edgility is hands down, the people. Such a class act and pleasure to work with on issues that are often difficult and unpleasant to work on. We absolutely loved working with them and honestly did not want the contract to end.
Shalini Eddens & Kate Kroeger
Deputy Executive Director & Executive Director, Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights

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Put your values to work. Act on equity.

We believe equity isn’t a box to check. It’s a daily action. Someone’s unique identity isn’t something to overcome–when paired with the right opportunity, it becomes one of their greatest professional assets. We exist to empower social impact organizations to recognize and overcome unconscious bias, racism and sexism so they can build a workforce that reflects and strengthens the communities they serve.