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Parent Revolution Picks Education Advocate as New Executive Director

Jay Artis-Wright

Jay Artis-Wright
Executive Director, Parent Revolution

The search for a champion education advocate

Los Angeles-based nonprofit Parent Revolution works tirelessly to ensure quality education for underserved communities in California. It recently partnered with Edgility to find a new Executive Director who could lead the effort to empower parents to create individual, local, and systemic change.

Candidate’s extensive achievements align with organization’s mission

Jay Artis-Wright, an advocate for education rights for over 20 years, stood out in Edgility’s talent roster. As a director of educational equity policy issues, teacher diversity, and school funding, her multifaceted experience made her an exemplary candidate for the Executive Director position. “Edgility’s consistent outreach and communication resulted in a great opportunity,” says Artis-Wright. I’m thrilled to join Parent Revolution in the fight for quality education.”

Moving the needle for equitable education in uncertain times

Parent Revolution started its search in May 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization worked closely with Edgility to transition from its existing long-time leader to someone who could further its mission despite the uncertainties in the education space. “It was important for us to find an executive director who truly represented the values of our organizationand had a long-standing commitment to empowering underserved communities,” says Marshall Tuck, Parent Revolution Board Member.  “Jay is a perfect fit and we’re grateful to Edgility for its expert guidance.”

Finding an Executive Director amidst a global pandemic wasn’t ideal, but we were fortunate to have Edgility as a partner to find us the right leader for our organization. Edgility helped us navigate through this very uncertain time and guided us to a better understanding of what we wanted and needed in a leader. We’re ecstatic to have Jay lead our organization.
Marshall Tuck
Board Member, Parent Revolution

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