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Kevin Bryant

Kevin Bryant

Principal (he/him/his)

“Hiring for mission-focused organizations is my passion. As a Principal, I lead nonprofit executive searches for organizations doing impactful work in Black and Brown and low-income communities.”


  • Before joining Edgility, Kevin co-led a team of 21 recruiters that annually hired 700+ teachers, principals, and home office staff. While in this role, Kevin was selected as an “Emerging Human Capital Leader” in education: a year-long, national fellowship led by Education Pioneers and the Urban Schools Human Capital Academy.
  • Prior to joining Uncommon Schools, Kevin was the Regional Director of Outreach for Parents for Educational Freedom in Raleigh, NC, where he advocated for expanded school options for low-income families.
  • Kevin holds a Masters in Public Administration from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, concentrating in Public Policy, and a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from Winston-Salem State University.


Kevin spends his free time playing soccer or hiking with his dog “Justice.”

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Kevin Bryant

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Travonnie Mackey

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Put your values to work. Act on equity.

We believe equity isn’t a box to check. It’s a daily action. Someone’s unique identity isn’t something to overcome–when paired with the right opportunity, it becomes one of their greatest professional assets. We exist to empower social impact organizations to recognize and overcome unconscious bias, racism and sexism so they can build a workforce that reflects and strengthens the communities they serve.